Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tapped out

Today I went to see "the boy" in his first MMA fight in Cheltenham. For months he has been trying to get me to go and see him and for months I have been saying I never would, afraid of seeing him get hurt and of me beginning to cry. Then a few weeks ago I decided that I should be a supportive girlfriend and go and see the boy who I care for more than anyone else get his ass kicked or kick someone elses!

So today my lovely friend Sam drove myself and Boodge Lane to Cheltenham to witness our first ever live cage fight.

When we first set out I was not nervous or worried at all. I just wanted to show my support, then as we neared our destination I felt the nerves begin to kick in. I suddenly went very quite and felt my hands beginning to clam.

Then we realised "the boy" had given us the wrong postcode and we were no where near the venue and my nerves disappeared.

When we finally got to the Trojan gym where it was taking place and I saw the cage he was going to be fighting in I began to feel a little sick and slightly emotional, upset at the thought of my boyfriend being locked in there with a potentially massive grown man with a skin head and tattoos all up his back and arms.

After a half an hour wait I decided to go to the toilet to calm myself a little. In there I met a girl call Natalie. She asked me if I could do French platts and asked me if I could tie her hair out of her face, she said how she was nervous as today was going to be her first fight too. Speaking to her I felt all of my worry begin to fade as I realised that it was not something to worry about and that this is actually quite a respectful sport. This was then echoed as the fights began to take place, all beginning and ending with a handshake or congratulating gesture of some kind towards each other.

With each group that fought I found myself beginning to get more and more in to the sport, especially when Natalie, the girl whose hair I platted, went up to fight. I really began to get into it and started shouting her name and cheering. It was a real adrenaline rush!

"The boy" was 18th so I thankfully had 17 other fights to watch before his which I think helped me stay calm and get used to what I was going to see him doing sometime soon. It was a lovely atmosphere in the room and everyone was cheering everyone on, apart from of course me who had no idea what any of the moves or locks were called. It was reassuring to hear "the boy" shouting moves at other fighters as it reminded me that he does in fact know what he was doing and that he was not going to hurt himself or do anything silly.

When it was finally his turn to fight I was on the edge of my seat. I wanted to take photos but I wanted to watch it all. I wanted to shout but I didn't know what to say. I wanted him to know I was there supporting him but I didn't want to distract him. So I stayed quite, screaming him support from inside my mind.

Before the first round had even finished the guy he was fighting tapped out and Taz, my boyfriend, had won his first ever MMA fight. I can not even begin to explain how proud I was of him. All I could do was smile. Lots.

When he first stood up and everyone cheered a tiny scream slipped from my mouth before I had chance to stop it. Then out of our chairs myself and Boodge Lane jumped and we ran to hug and congratulate our brown boy.

I don't think that boy will ever know how much I care about him. He is quite honestly one of the most important people in my life right now, and I hope for a very long time to come. I know his love for me will never be what it is for Boodge Lane but that is something I have come to accept. I guess all relationships have their compromises and this is mine. Seeing him today made me so proud and right now I can not stop smiling and telling people about the boy who won his first ever fight and looked yummy while doing so!

nom <3

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this made me smile an awful lot. wish i'd have been there!!! :) xx

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