Saturday, 29 May 2010

Give a stranger an unexpected smile

Once I met a stranger,
I didn't know his name
He asked me for my number,
So we played the guessing game
I gave him a few to start with,
But made him guess the rest
The stranger, he now texts me
Morning, noon and night

I've started talking to strangers, it seems to be my new thing. Last week I had a Chinese delivered to University while I was at rehearsals for Zombie Prom. I sent someone to collect it for me as I was busy. Afterwards the delivery guy text my phone, confused as to why he had my number and who I was. I decided to keep texting him as I thought it would be funny. Five days on and we are still texting. I still have no idea what this person looks like.

Thursday night I went to Velvet with some customers from the pub. I serve them every week and only learnt their names this week, which I instantly forgot. There were about ten of them, and the furthest any of our relationships had gone was me topping up their alcohol levels every week before going to Velvet. I had a really good night with them and from speaking to them ended up talking to even more strangers when we got to Velvet. I still can't remember most of their names!

Last night I went to the last karaoke at the SU. I ended up sitting on a strangers lap while giving him verbal and (tame) physical abuse. He bought me and my friends a drink each and kept us all amused with his drunk attempts at getting my number. I stole his phone for a while and drank most of his pint. I gave him ten digits of my number and made him guess the last one. We have been texting this morning.

I quite enjoy talking to strangers, and I know my mother always told me not to when I was younger but I feel maybe it's time to start ignoring her now and seeing what happens when you say hello to a randomer!

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