Monday, 17 May 2010

Hold my toaster, I am trying to dance here

As previously blogged, Saturday marked the 'end' of my second year of uni - of course this end celebration is so premature that i am currently sitting in the same 24 hour room i have been sitting in for the last 10 hours finishing off work - it should be named the 'almost end of year ball' as i feel this would be far more fitting.


Saturday, was, as expected, my favourite day of the entire year and finished it off rather fittingly - ignoring of course the epic amount of work i still have to do. The day event was filled with a cider tent, a burger stand, bumper cars and a spinny flyey ride thing which i think was called
the joker.

Before going to the day event i had to 'pop' to town with Jake and Maria to get some last minute supplies and ended up staying there for about three hours, therefore not getting to the day event until two hours after it had started.

The sun thankfully decided to make a permanent appearance and i even managed to get some - very tiny - tan lines! For anyone who knows me this is an impressive step forward from my usual epic burning, followed by returning to my i-should-be-ginger* skin complexion!

The first time i went on the spiney flyey ride, lets call it Joe, although that makes it sound like 'i went on Joe' which is a bit misleading, lets stick with the spiney flyey ride instead! Anyway, sorry, i got distracted, the first time i went on spiney flyey ride i thought i was going to chuck up, partly because Maria was sitting next to me changing colour in front on my eyes, but after a few double Malibu's, half a pint of 7.something% cider, two loses at pool, a burger and a couple of turns on the bumper cars i was ready to brave it again and ended up going on four times in a row, and then i only got off cause i really needed to pee!

The rest of the day i spent drunkenly bumper car driving, which i might add, i kicked ass at!! I swear to god i want to become a professional bumper car racer!

After the day event i had a lovely drunken walk home with Jake, Will and Nikki - it was only 6pm - and went to Tesco to act sober in order to buy more alcohol for pre-drinks - and they wonder where all our student loans go! I then tried to sober up in order for me to get ready for the evening event by shaving my legs with a brand new razor.. turns out, not a great way to sober yourself up unless blood spouting from your knee does it for you!!

Skipping forward past all the boring getting ready bit, which took HOURS!!!...

We finally arrived back at the dive at 10o'clock, a whole 3 hours after the evening event had begun! What can i say, we like to arrive fashionably late!

I started on the triple Malibu and cokes and danced the night away while suffering from very painful shoes! Oh well they looked nice!

At some point during the night DJ Ironik - whose only song i know i changed the lyrics to - came to sing or rap or whatever it is he does, and then he had a few pictures with people - i totally jumped on that bandwagon and pushed to the front of the queue just because i wanted to tell him my brilliant lyrics!

Hold my toaster, I'm trying to dance here
Gotta grab some bread and butter
Number 1 material if i do say so myself!

After that i spent a lot of time outside flirting and gained a wing man - wey hey - and in the process got a free chicken burger and a shot!

A lot of my friends left by midnight/1am but i was hardcore and stayed til the end, and it was on my way out i had quite possibly my proudest moment to date. I won't name names but the most beautiful boy started talking to me after making eyes with me all night and asked me if i was going to take him home with me, and d'ya know what i did, I TURNED HIM DOWN! Seriously this boy is gorgeous, and i turned him down. I think that deserves some sort of medal or something!!

Anyway, the rest of the night pretty much involved getting a taxi home - which is literally the next street - because my feet hurt too much to walk and going to bed. All things i am sure no one really wants to read about, much like the rest of this post. But oh well, i got to turn down a god given beauty!

*please note that is not a dig at gingers, i actually adore the hair colour and wish everyday that i had been blessed with the red headedness that in all honestly would suit me a hell of a lot better than my boring brown locks!

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