Wednesday, 19 May 2010

So say they all

Tomorrow marks the day of a very exciting, important and long awaited event for myself. I am going to go busking. I have wanted to do this for years and what is even more exciting is that one of the songs is purely my own creation.

I have never had anyone listen to my own work before, apart from of course my friends when they hear me singing in the shower every morning, so this really is a big thing for me.

I shall be with my very good friend Boodge Lane as he is the musical genius and the all important guitarist. The majority of the songs are all his own work, but some I have been able to add the occasional input to.

I could listen to that boys lyrics all day. Words just seem to fall onto the page for him and music, however simple he claims it may be, seems to be a second nature to him.

I gave him some lyrics today, a song a had written myself, and within minutes we were singing it to a brand new tune. He bought my lyrics alive.

I am proud to call this boy a best friend. I am proud to say that he is like a brother to me.

So if anyone is out and about in Worcester Town Centre tomorrow, or if anyone has got nothing else to do, come and show us a bit of support and enjoy watching us do what we love for no other reason than that we love it!


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franis_alice said...

If you're doing it at about 3 i will come and sing along :)

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