Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Not gonna lie, I'm a little bit excited!!!

Saturday marks the end of another year of uni with its Summer Ball. Now while the idea of spending all day and night on uni campus, dancing in a room which is quite appropriately called The Dive might seem we've drawn the short straw of life, I could not be any more excited!

The Summer Ball last year was one of my most favourite days, and it marked for me the perfect ending to a wonderful year. It was the one night where all of my best friends dressed up, got drunk and spent an entire day and night together without any worry of assignments or exams - unfortunately this year will not be as relaxed as I still have a portfolio and two essays to write but as the panic has not yet set in I feel I will be able to enjoy my Saturday on campus - and with this in mind, today I went shopping.

Now in all honesty I should be spending my time this week working on the portfolio, presentation and two essays, but who needs to do all of that when you can be out buying new shoes?!

And I didn't just buy one pair, I bought two. One flat pair, one healed pair. And of course a day dress for the day event, new make up, false eyelashes, a bag, floral hair clips, some bracelets and a pair of earrings. The fake tanning has been taking place over the last week and I got my fringe trimmed today so now all that is left to buy is the all important matching underwear! - Something I think we should all do more often.

I love to have matching undies on, whether anyone else is going to see them or not. It just makes me feel like my outfit is that little bit more complete.

So after my massive, girly and very enjoyable ball shop with Maria and Becca I feel I am now ready to crack on with this work and break in my new shoes!!

I don't think men will ever know or understand just how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears us women put in for a fancy night in The Dive!

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