Sunday, 28 February 2010

If you lost everything..

When asked what we would miss if we lost everything we were given different categories; people, food, events, daily activities etc. Some were easy to answer, others were not.

Some were difficult to answer because when asked to seriously think about that question ‘what would you miss if you lost everything’ you begin to realise just how worthless a lot of items are and you begin to lose your materialistic side, because in all honestly what is it like losing a picture forever compared to the thought of losing a person?!

Others were harder to answer because how do you chose who you would miss most out of all the people you know, and how do you begin to justify it? We were asked to list all the things, the people, the objects we would miss for each category and to then chose just one we would miss the most, these are shown in bold.

However, when it comes to the people I would miss they are all in bold because each and every one of them makes up a part of me, and losing just one of them would mean losing a part of myself and that would be like being asked to list which limbs and organs I wouldn’t miss if someone came and hacked them away. Each person plays their individual role in my life. I would miss them all equally for different reasons.

What would you miss if you lost everything?

My happy wall -
One of my bedroom walls at home, full of memories, photos, beer mats, notes from friends, foreign coins, bits of fabric, drawings, song lyrics. Each piece, no matter how insignificant to others they may seem all mean something to me. I look at it when I feel down and it makes me smile and reminds me just how much I have to be grateful for. If I lost these beautiful memories, they would still be in my heart, but would miss spending hours just idly looking at them.

My teddy -
A dirty pink bunny I have had since I don’t know when. I call her Rainbow, although I can’t actually what I used to call her as a child. She has a rip down her chest which mum sewed back up, when I was little I used to say she had had heart surgery and that it made her more special than all my other teddies. Her whiskers are slightly chewed and her feet are different sizes but to me she is perfect. Even at the age of 21 I still fall asleep with her in my arms and when I am upset she is the one I turn to for comfort. Without her my comforter would be gone.

Music -
No music in particular, just all music in general. I use it as an escape, as something to help me get to sleep at night and something to wake me up in a morning. If I was to never hear music again I think life would be quite dull and lacking love. As Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Photos -
What would I do without all the silly photographs to remind me of moments passed, of parties, of birthdays, of leaving events, of seasons passed, of holidays, of family, of friends, of the millions of silly moments that make you smile when you remember them.

My bed -
If I had to live a lifetime without my bed, without a bed at all, I would be a tortured soul. To be without the comfort and warmth of a place I can call my own, that I can share lovingly with another person, to lose that place of privacy and intimacy would be an inhuman experience.

What would you miss doing?

Showering -
I would miss the feel of the boiling hot water on my skin in a morning, and the way the water makes paths through your hair when you wash it. I would miss the cleanliness of wrapping a warm towel around my body and putting on fresh clean clothes. I would miss turning the temperature right down just before getting out of the shower after a late night out and the feel of the steam on my dry skin as I opened the bathroom door. I would miss watching the bubbles make their way towards the drain and watching it spiral away beneath my feet. I would miss the childishness of blowing bubbles around the bathroom and spiking my hair up with the shampoo before washing it away. I would miss the smell of the water warming up and watching the steam steal the reflection from the mirror.

Watching films -
To not watch another film with my best friends would be heart breaking. To never see my favourite story played out in front of me again would be saddening. To be able to put a film on and then not watch it for sake of talking and simply spending time with that special someone is a moment I would realise I had taken for granted. To never watch a film and quote every single line, to never watch a Disney film again and sing along to every song, doing all the voices, that would make part of me disappear.

What would you miss eating/drinking?

Tea -
Without my morning cup of tea everyone knows I am an extremely moody person. It has become routine for me in a morning to get a cup of tea before doing anything else, just as it has become routine for my friends to check I have had one and make me one right away if not. It is probably one of the biggest ‘things’ I have, drinking tea is my thing, it is my drink. I don’t think I’d be a very pleasant person without tea in my life. I would miss its awakening warmth in a morning and its relaxing heat in an evening.

Cheese on toast -

I love bread. I love cheese. Put the two together and you have probably got my favourite food mixture. I eat cheese almost every day; I have been known to get through an entire block to myself in an evening. I would miss the smell of it bubbling under the grill, and the golden tint the bubbles get when I put the temperature up just a tad too high. I would miss cooking it for people and seeing the fulfilment on their faces as it wakes their every taste bud and fills their tummies to the brim. I would miss cutting it in preparation and stealing a slice here and a slice there while I wait to perfectly cover the piece of toast warming in the toaster. I would miss seeing my dogs run into the kitchen at the sound of opening the wrapper and watching their heads tilt slightly as they wait patiently for me to throw them I piece and I would miss the cat’s late arrival as she too enters the kitchen for her share of the cuttings. Cheese on toast is a family occasion, it is not just the food itself I would miss but the gathering of the people I love in the process of cooking it.

What would you miss shopping for?

Bargains -
I am not a big shopper, but I would miss knowing that I had got a good deal on a pair of shoes or that dress I've had my eye on for months. I think shopping is something I would be able to live without however.

Who would you miss?

Mum and Dad -
They have been my rock and my support my entire life. They have helped glue me back together when I was completely broken. They encourage me to carry on.

Nathan -
My brother and my best friend. I could not imagine never hearing his dry wit and incredibly broad Black Country accent again. He looks after me even when I don’t know he’s looking and I try my best to help guide him and set a good example. I can tell him pretty much anything and I know he would never judge me. I would be lost without my best friend.

Debbie -
My aunty and my role model. She has completely changed her life around and that of her children. She will never know just how proud I am of her for being as brave and as strong as she has been and continues to be. She is my inspiration to strive for the best and to never lose faith in myself. She is an amazing woman and the world is lucky to have her on it.

The girls (Sam, Emily and Adele) -
They have been with me since before we grew our boobies, they know everything about me because they have experienced it with me. When we were getting ready to leave school people told us we would never stay in touch, that it’s your friends you make at college that you keep for life. We proved them wrong and are as close now as we have ever been. They are my best friends for a reason. To lose them would be like losing a major organ – I would be useless.

AJ -
My best boy friend. He probably knows more about me than anyone else I know. I tell him my every thought, my every feeling, my every experience and good or bad he never judges me, he just listens. He is my best friend, the bestest friend a girl could ask for. Thinking about losing him is a pain I'd rather do without.

The three kings of Edward Elgar (Maria, Jake and Becca) -

These three amazing people pulled me out the rut I was in when I started university. They instantly accepted me into their group, into their homes, into their lives. They gave me floors and beds to sleep on and food to eat, they gave me showers and clothes and more support than any one person should have to ask for. They are more than my friends. They are my family.

The boys (TomHat, DaddyFeets, Willis and Will) -
Though some might not be an obvious choice I would miss all these boys. Each of them have been there for me at some point whether they’ve known it or not. They say beautiful words which will always stay with me and give me something to smile about when all such things seem lost. They keep me young and childish, they play fight and they are loud. Being with them is like never leaving the playground.

The original tag team (Kate, Holly and Blow) -
The girls. The ones I have nights out with, who I cry about boys with and who would fight any unworthy man for me. The ones who speak for me when I am unable to. The ones I play the mini game with. The ones I sing at the top of my lungs with. The ones I have lived with and the ones I have commuted with. The ones I have fought with more than any of my other friends. The ones who annoy me more than anyone else and the ones I will always love in spite of whatever idiotic annoying thing they may do. The lifers.

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