Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Detox time

I've been thinking a lot recently about a lot of things. My life seems to be constantly in a complicated tangle of dramas which all seem to arise at similar times and then disappear together just as fast as they arouse, before once again returning for a second lot of head bashing on my part. I think has a lot to do with, quite obviously, my being a girl and my need to think about every little detail of every little event for a very long time, usually resulting in me making a much larger deal of things than they actually are. The other reason for a lot of this is due to Facebook.

It seems that nothing is private anymore, everyone knows everything about everyone and then we all moan about it that nothing stays private anymore when in reality is it entirely our own fault for broadcasting every single emotion we ever have to the entire cyber community. Things move too fast now, no one is happy to let time take its course and just unravel. If someone doesn't text back straight away we grow impatient and log into Facebook just to see if they are online so we can bug them there as well. We sit for hours looking at peoples photos from the previous night out and then wait five minutes at a time for a reply to a message we sent rather than involving ourselves in personal conversation. We start conversations with 'have you seen this on Facebook' and people are no longer classed as 'official' in relationships until the little heart symbol appears. Similarly, when our hearts get broken and a relationship ends once again 200 odd people are instantly told via a broken heart symbol and a short sentence saying 'single', which then leads to people who we haven't spoken to in years sending us wall messages asking what happened and if we're alright, trying to get all the gossip, and we are left feeling emotional and tired and as though we are display to the whole world. But then who's fault is that?!

So I guess this comes down to my decision to detox.

I think my life right now would be a lot easier if I didn't text certain people for a while, if I removed myself from Facebook, even if just for a week. Maybe I need a break from all those things that constrict my life stories development. I need to stop rushing things, to stop living my life by what Facebook says is happening and go out there and see it for myself rather than over a computer screen.

This wasn't meant to be such an anti-Facebook post, it was meant to be about me not texting certain people for a while, about waiting for them to come to me, but maybe this is just as important for now.

So bye bye Facebook. Even if only for a day, it will be an extra day in my life I'll be living rather than wasting!

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Andy said...

Awh. But without Facebook we probably wouldn't have had oppertunity to get talking again. There are lots of people I get to be friends with because of Facebook. Just remove all personal things from your profile, such as relationship status! xx

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