Sunday, 14 February 2010

In a nutshell..

I like to slap, punch and headbutt people when i am drunk and drink hot chocolate with a twirl 'straw'. I need a cup of tea in the morning if i want any chance of being in a good mood. When i'm a bitch i'm a BITCH! I won't add my mom on facebook cause i think she'll hate me. I like making friends and keeping them forever! I love dressing up. I change my mind about things a lot and confuse people in the process. I like typing in lower case because i think 'i's look prettier with a dot above them. I love singing and Cole's can't dance!! I miss my brother and my best girls from home. I've been hurt a lot and I've learnt not to trust people on face value. I'm a giant kid but I'm also very wise. I don't hold grudges because I don't see the point in wasting my time on people who do not matter to me, I'd rather just ignore them. I don't know if i believe in love anymore but the idea of it is enough to keep me going. I am not very romantic, sweet gestures tend to annoy me, i'd rather have the banter and play fights than kisses and cuddles all the time. I wasn't always this cold. I want to sing and act and I want to educate people while I do this. I want children to want to learn rather than being made to. I want young adults to know that there is more for them than the environment they have been brought up in. I want people to reach for the stars and grab them with both hands. I think the most lucky of people are the people who get to die doing what they love. I hope i die on stage.

And finally, the best piece of advice I ever got told was.... All me are dicks, every single one is going to hurt you only some will more than others.

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