Saturday, 6 February 2010

This could take some time.

Karaoke. What a wonderful phrase.
Karaoke. Ain't no passing craze.
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It's our problem free, philosophy.

That's the idea anyway. And sometimes, if only for a while it works, and while you're on that stage singing what seems like a brilliant idea for a song when you see it in the book all your problems disappear. Then you step off the platform and they all come flooding back to you, knocking you over like a giant wave.

This could take some time.

Easy to say that we're done with the dance
Let the curtain descend and bring to an end
This one-act romance
Easy to know there was never a chance
Time to let go
You're a hard guy to forget


Lord Llanover said...

I hate your mind, and how it thinks, it makes me blog and my blogs make me sad, but only because i have sad things to blog about.

I love you Samename Cale :P

Mustard Bean said...

I think you'll find it was Samname Cale :P haha

Andy said...

Hah ;o Cale. I write happy posts to counter it ;) x

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