Tuesday, 2 March 2010

grr arg!

So he leaves a rose on my bag in the staff room and comes to my till just to offer me a sweet, then he leaves it a while before apologising if the rose scared me a little and asks me for a drink, or maybe a meal.
And he seems kinda shy around me, like he's unsure how to approach me, like he's just not very good with women. So I say okay, give him my number.. Then he sends me a text which scares the living b'jesus out of me!
A first text should consist of 'hi how you doing, this is my number.' not how you're feeling, when you're working, when am i working, when am i free, what do i fancy doing and then your name. Good lord!
Then come the drunk texts. 'you out tonight.' fair enough but no I'm not. I'm ill in bed. 'are you up for it.' 'i lkie you.' 'i think you'd enjoy it' and finally two hours after i didn't reply 'sorry i was horny. night night.'
All i can say is GRR and mother f***in ARGGGG!!!!

What happened to the days when people liked you for you, not your body, not whats under your clothes or what you might be willing to give away for the price of a drink. What happened to being respected and polite and not bombarding a girl with texts the moment you get her number. When did 'sorry i was drunk' become an acceptable excuse?

I once got told 'drunk mans words are sober mans thoughts' if this is true then we are all doomed!

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