Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oh to be a student!

To be a student is an amazing thing, low bank balances, 7 drunk nights out a week, living off super noodles and takeout, rushing work to meet deadlines, a messy room you're never in and a billion and one friends.

I am such an awful student!!

It is a Saturday night and after a tiring 9 hour shift at work I am not getting ready to go out and party my troubles away, nor am I planning a night of films and wine with the girls, instead, what I am doing is sitting in a beautifully tidy bedroom, eating a gorgeous salad and catching up on all the work I am behind on. And whats even more shocking is that I have given up alcohol for lent!

If this was a one time occurrence I suppose I could let it pass unnoticed, yet it was just last night that I turned down a night at the weekly SU karaoke with all of my best friends to clean the bungalow!!
Granted the cleaning started as a method of procrastination from the mountains of work I have to do, but still, I decided to procrastinate by cleaning rather than by spending time with my friends and parting from my well earned dosh!

Again. I am such an awful student!!

Even so, I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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