Friday, 2 April 2010

I love those days.

Don't you just love those amazing showers that come towards the end of the day, right after a long tiring shift at work that began after a sleepless night because you couldn't help but stay up talking and not talking with the boy who meets you from work and makes you cups of tea, that was followed by a twenty minute walk to the train station, which then led to a bumpy noisy 45 minute train journey home, only to be left waiting in the wind and rain because your lift is late to pick you up; that starts off boiling hot, massaging your entire body as it begins to steal your reflection away from the mirror, before being turned down to freezing to refresh every part of you as the last rushes of water escape, spiraling down the plug hole while you stand still for a moment, letting the coolness take over and relax you entirely.

I love those showers.

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