Thursday, 22 April 2010

Because my orchid tells me so

I have an orchid. They are my favourite flower. My orchid tells me things.

It was first bought for me as a gift about two and a half years ago by a boyfriend. From the moment I had it it was in constant blossom, as soon as one flower fell off a new one appeared in its place almost instantly. It was never without bloom...

Until the day we broke up.

Petal by petal my orchid began to revert into a thin tired green stem with three leaves which eventually all fell off bar one.

Last month my orchid began to show signs of life again, after a year and a half of nothing but a limp muddy green leaf.

This week I notice that a new leaf has begun to grow as well as colour returning to the old one.

I can't help but think that my orchid is telling me positive lovely things about 'the boy' <3

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