Saturday, 10 April 2010

Today I deleted Facebook

Today I deleted Facebook, the thought of doing so has been with me for several weeks now and today I decided to finally stop talking about it and actually do it.
Actions speak louder than words
I'm not going to lie and pretend that Facebook is the devil and evil, because it isn't, it is only what you make it, and while it has helped me reconnect with people I knew years ago and form some truly wonderful friendships it has also become a means by which I live my life, and that is no longer the way I wish to live.

I am at university paying thousands of pounds a year for a degree which I constantly procrastinate from via the aid of Facebook. I'm in a relationship which is not classed as official by many because it isn't declared on our profiles. I'm sent requests to be friends with people I have never met but feel pressure into clicking the accept button simply because I have 43 friends in common with them. It is only when I start asking our mutual friends who this person is that we realise that none us really know them we just saw them one time in Bushwakers.

A perfect example of the power Facebook has and the popularity contest it has become is that of Mark O'Herbert. It all started a couple of months ago when people at uni began getting friend requests from this person, when I got my request I had about 30 friends in common with him, now I have over 70. I declined my request after having it sitting on my profile for about 3 weeks, the decision for this came after I had sent him a message asking if I knew him, when after 3 weeks he hadn't replied I decided that my friendship to him was not that important. However a lot of my friends did accept, and the more and more who added him, the more and more they began talking about him. His profile only contained very limited information and he only had one picture, that of which had three people in it, any of whom he could have been. No one knew.

Eventually the more and more people who added him, the more and more everyone began to realise that this person did not actually exist. Groups were made asking if anyone had seen him, theories were passed around as to who was behind the fake profile and people still continued to add him.

As far as I aware, the mystery of Mark O'Herbert has still not yet been solved. The person most people believe is behind the creation of him has become quite vocal, placing blame on other people and online status arguments between the 'creator' and the creation have taken place.

This single example, is reason enough for me to decide to delete my account. People are no longer your friends because they know you or plan on getting to know you, they are simply your friend in order to seem popular.

Two days ago I deleted over 200 friends on Facebook and I bet not one of them even noticed. This thought does not offend me as I didn't notice that I had deleted them either and with a lot of them I did not even have to think about it before I did it. I just did.

A brilliant portrayal of everything Facebook has become and what it has turned us, its users, in to is the new South Park. Here, have taken the best bits of the episode and written an article on it. It is a very honest portrayal and an eye opening read for those who may not have seen the episode titled You've Got 0 Friends.

For now at least my life, and that of my best friend, is now Facebook free. I believe in my friends enough that they will stay in contact with me through text, call, email and actual real conversations. Those who find these methods too difficult I guess were never that good of friends in the first place.


franis_alice said...

Interesting blog.

Its rare you reply to my texts!

Haggis said...

I understand your decision to remove your self from facebook...

I do, however, raise an eyebrow with interest at the timing of your decision.

With no phone, and no facebook, you are extremely limited in your contact with the outside world. But you knew that...interesting :) x

Mustard Bean said...

I have a phone again now. I bought a new one the other day. It's very pretty. I probably won't be left forever, but while I'm still in term time I will be as it distracts me from my work too much. I feel I could do so much better with my grades if I put more effort into it. Like I said, Facebook is what you make it and what I have made it is not something I like anymore.

I'd like a bit of privacy back in my life. Facebook doesn't allow that.

Helen Melon said...

YaY! Welcome to the Real World :D

Andy said...

I could never delete Facebook, but I think if you get to the point where you think it is ruling you, I suppose you should. I have met loads, and loads of people through Facebook. Not necessarily for the first time, but now I can go somewhere and while I am standing at the bar, chances are there is someone I can talk to. Admittedly, I'm not suddenly best friends with them, but a lot of people who I would only be on 'hello' terms, are now 'come over and watch a shit film about alien abduction' terms, because the contact Facebook allows.

Mustard Bean said...

don't use the shit alien abduction film against my facebook beliefs! haha besides, i quite liked that film in a 'i wish aj would sit still and watch it' kinda way :P

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