Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What an afternoon!

Well although I have still not done any of the work that I need to do, I do feel that my afternoon has been spent wisely.

After a lazy morning with one of my best friends and lots of cups of tea, then a much too short visit off the 'the boy', I went for a much needed shower, only to do that really annoying thing I always do when I get in the shower... Sing.

I always do it, much too often, some of my best lyrics have been lost due to showers. It always happens the same way. I get in there, stick my head under the almost-boiling-peel-off-your-skin water and begin to sing words. And from these words sentences are formed, and from these - verses, and then they begin to get a general tune, a rhythm, a gentle rhyme, and, even if I do say so myself, they don't sound half bad.

And then I get out of the shower and can't remember a single thing!

Today was one of these days. My shower brought with it a truck load of inspiration, words flowed from my mouth like never before and I decided that I was determined not to let these lyrics go down the plughole along with my shampoo. As I then tried in vain not to forget these lyrics, more came to me, and much more than a single line or two, but a whole verse, then accompanied by a chorus. Next thing you know I am using all of my brain power - which isn't much - to try and remember two songs well enough for me to finish washing my hair, get out of the shower and back in my room so that I can write them both down.

By some amazing stroke of luck I managed to part remember them. The first one I rushed down, singing it as I had in the shower, trying to remember how it went, but finding that it was destined to change slightly.

The second. As soon as my hands hit the keyboard the words flowed out of my mouth like a well known song that had been sung for years. It changed a lot from how I sang it in the shower, the whole tune to it was different, but from this came new lyrics and before I knew it I was on my second page of a Microsoft Word document.

The second song especially, seemed to take quite an angry-teen-"the-world-is-against-me"-pop/punk-Paramore-did-I-mention-angry tone to it, which a lot of is not at all what I am feeling right now. But I have read it back a few times and sent the lyrics to a friend for approval and I happen to think that it isn't half bad.

So who knows, maybe one day soon I will be putting actual music to it and getting someone to sing it for me or with me. But I have to say, I feel as though I am starting to find my inspiration again, its just a shame that it no longer seems to be from the subject that I am paying 3000 odd pounds a year for.

I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles ey!

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