Friday, 4 June 2010

"You have chilli on your face"

Tuesday I had my lip pierced. This is something I have wanted done since I was about 13 but never thought I'd do. My best girl used to photo shop lip rings onto photos of me when we were younger, but no more!

My parents were not best pleased when I came home with the surprise piercing and my mom decided to blame my friend Nikki for my new look, saying she was a bad influence on me. I find this quite funny as I was the one who made her go through with getting hers done a week previously.

Today was my first day at work with my new piercing and at first I found it quite odd to talk so much, catching the bar on my teeth occasionally when I spoke, but by tonight I was out in Velvet with my best friend and some people from work and by 2am I didn't even notice it.

It feels already like this is becoming a part of me that has always been there. And apparently it suits me quite a lot.. Always a good thing!! (Y)

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