Monday, 7 June 2010

The only exception

Iron Fist

These remind me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz.

So beautiful. So girly but not at the same time.

I really like the tiny amount of art on the side of these :)
Wow. Just wow.

I love the lace affect on these, and the girl sticking her tongue out on the inside.

I love the picture these make when put together and the simple use of colours.

Irregular Choice

My favourite ever pair of shoes were some floral Rocket Dog shoes but I wore them to their death.
These remind me of them and how much I loved those shoes!

I love this entire picture. The colours, the mess, the organisation, the beauty, the childness of it.
This is currently my desktop background.

I love the heal on these and the little charms hanging off the heal <3

I think these appeal to my Gothic side. Very glamours!

Grey is probably one of my favourite colours and I generally love the mixture of patterns on these.

I have wanted these shoes for about five years. They are the first Irregular Choice shoes I saw and fell in love with.
If only I could walk in heals!!


I love how many shades and textures one colour can have. I think this shoe explores them all brilliantly!

I really wanted some Vans, then I found these on Irregular Choice's website...

After touring the shoe shops in Merry Hell for some Vans - or 'fat' shoes as I like to call them - and finding none I like I have decided to make my own out of a £2 Primarni pair of pink pumps...

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Oooh I bought Melissa the green/pink face ones x

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