Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Is that a spot?

Last night i went to see my Nan. She lives in Birmingham and with me being at Uni i rarely get to see her, so me and my Dad went to surprise her.

The main reason for the visit was so that i could strip the paper off in her bathroom as she is having it decorated in a few weeks. My Dad, being the insanely lovely person that he is, drove us to Birmingham at 8.30pm just so i could strip the paper off that i started when i was five years old!

The wall paper was this floral stuff dad put up over 30 years ago. For as long as i can remember i have been picking at it and it has had little bits missing here and there. When we were younger my brother used to always get the blame for it, and me, being the angelic granddaughter who could do no wrong, got away scot-free!

As i had waited so long to take this paper down i decided to time how long it took me... 8 minutes!! That is all. To remove all of the paper from her bathroom on my own. I was very pleased.

In the 8 minutes it took me to strip the paper my Nan had had her third cherry and lemonade and it was starting to take affect. She noticed my lip piercing and asked, "Is that a spot on your face?" I said no and told her, which prompted her whole, 'if we were meant to be covered in holes God would have made us with them' speech. Dad quickly reminded her that she had her ears pierced.

I went over and showed her it and showed her the back bit inside my mouth which made her literally jump. I found it quite amusing!

I then went in search of things to put on the shoes i am planning to make. My Nan being the greatest hoarder on earth was in no short supply of random crap. I found a jar filled with buttons and buckles and began to look through searching for some interesting ones to sew onto the shoes.

A few more tipsy comments. "You know I love you Amy. And your Dad."
"I know Nan."
"I will love you from the day I die."
"Oh so until then you don't love us?"

Her drunk slurs do make me smile :)

Then came the time to explore her kicthen. She had it completely refitted a few months ago and still hasn't put things back in the cupboards because she doesn't know where to put them. So i decided to explore the depths of her empty cupboards and fridge and found a lone egg. He looked so sad sitting in he fridge on his own that i just had to draw a face on him and take some pictures.

Ed the Egg and His Fridge Adventures

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franis_alice said...

I think i am in love with Ed the Egg.

Possibly my favourite blog yet :) xx

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