Thursday, 10 June 2010

"I'm going to dig a hole outside my cave."

I have briefly stepped out of the cave and into the University's 24 hour room to use their Internet and decided that while i am here i should write down a few of these mind blogs i have been having the past two days, so let me straighten my seat and add a few colourful mixture of words to create a hopeful non to boring read for you all :)

Firstly, the shoes are starting to take form and look rather pretty. I was up until 4am Wednesday morning sewing and making flowers to put on them. Pictures will soon be uploaded of the whole development process!

Due to the success of the shoes my best friend Franis Alice has asked if i can make her a pair of customised shoes too. I think i may have to start charging if this takes off! ha ha!

I found out yesterday that my old bedroom at the Bungabow shall no longer be housed by Tim, a boy, but by Nikki - the "bad influence" as Mom called her after i arrived home with a pierced lip after spending the day with her - a girl. I feel this is quite a nice thing as to me it shall always be a girls room in a girls house. It's all very girly. So as much as i love Tim, because he is a lovely guy, i am looking forward to seeing my old room being lived in by another girl :)

Tuesday night was pretty stressful to say the least. I was cleaning my lip ring with salt water, as you do, and the ball came off. It took me an hour to try and get the thing back on the bar and hurt my lip in the process. I tried looking in the mirror, i tried guessing, i tried holding the back of the bar still with my teeth, with my tongue, with my finger. I pushed my lip here, there and everywhere and dropped the ball down the side of the sofa, on the floor, down my sleeve and i almost cried a few times before realising that my 'righty tighty, lefty losey' rule was not working because i was twisting to my reflections right, not my actual right, therefore turning it left... :\

Wednesday i had work all day, which mainly consisted of regulars who i have been serving twice a week every week for the last eight months asking me if i was new because i had my contacts in rather than my glasses. I decided to start a new diet involving not eating any processed foods. I then realised this was a painfully hard diet to stick to, especially when working at a Wetherspoons where all food is microwaved!

After work Maria and Nikki came to meet me, bless, and save me from a night on my own in the cave. - I feel bad calling it a cave, because it is actually a really nice house and i am uber grateful to Becca for letting me stay, i just wish i had a TV/laptop/Internet - We then went for a carvery which was LOOOVELY and Maria stacked her plate quite possibly higher than any plate has ever before been stacked. [Picture to be uploaded shortly] It was the carvery's curry night so they also had three different curries on the same counter.. Maria had carvery with all three meats, curry and all three gravies.

"Curry and gravy do not go." She later realised!

Nikki spent most of the time crawling around the floor looking for the ball off her lip ring as she also lost hers twice in the space of ten minutes - this is also after having to stop and put her hazards on on our way to the carvery because she lost it while driving!!

The last time she dropped it we were all crawling on the floor for a few minutes before deciding to carry on and eat our food to then come back to it later. When we went back to search for it after our meal we were joined - again - by the waitress who got down on her hands and knees looking for it with us. A lady of a table near us also came and helped in the search for it but we couldn't find it anywhere. We finally decided to give up looking for it and sat back on our seats where Nikki suddenly noticed it had been next to her place mat the entire time!

Very boring but i actually went to bed, not only before 4am for once but also before midnight, and was all tucked up and asleep by 11.11!! - Very exact i know!

Today i had a lovely 9 hour shift again which dragged for the majority of it. During my last hour i served some right twats, who's line of the day was, "Nice piercing. Do you have anything else pierced?" while giving me a cheeky grin and a little wink.

If it wasn't funny the first time then it wasn't going to be funny the second or third now was it mate! I am sorry however that i do not have the intellectual wit and intelligence to come up with such an amusing question while drinking cheap larger through a mouth of missing teeth in the middle of the day, i must have been busy working full time to help pay for my university degree!

Anyway, rant over.. and that pretty much concludes my post for today :)

Oh that and the fact that for the last two days as part of my 'diet' or 'healthy eating' plan, whatever you want to call it, i have had fruit and yogurt for breakie, ate porridge which i have hated my entire life due to my brother telling me it had spiders legs in it, and i have had chicken salads for lunch. Pretty impressive for a vegetarian!

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Love this :)

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