Sunday, 13 June 2010

Make mine a Banksy

The other day while sitting on my lunch at work i was idly flicking through the Metro that had been left on the staffroom table. I miss the Metro. It was probably the only part of my commute to Uni that i ever enjoyed so i enjoyed the easy reading it brought to my half an hour break.

It was while flicking through the pages that i came across an article that i was drawn to so much that i decided to rip it out of the paper and pocket it!

I have since looked for the article on the Metro website but can't seem to find it, so here is what it says in a nutshell...

The Prince of Wales pub in London, that backs on to Labour leadership candidate, David Miliband's, house which is guarded by armed police, had a midnight visit by a hooded artist, who stayed their for about four hours working.

He was caught on CCTV but managed to miss any detection from the police just yards away while he worked. When the owners opened the pub the next morning they were welcomed by the picture of a number of photo frames and mirrors all attached to their beer garden wall with the image of a lion and a little girl holding her hand out with Banksy's famous heart shaped balloon floating behind. The central framed mirror reads, "Run for your lives".

A number of artists have been in to view the work but no one has been able to confirm if it is the work of the artist who's works sell for thousands of pounds.

Thankfully the owners have decided to keep the work in their beer garden rather than destroy it.

I am a big fan of art and graffiti and live by the rule that graffiti is art, vandalism is vandalism - two completely different things. I think it takes a lot of skill and patience to be able to create something so detailed ad imaginative, especially on the scaled that graffiti is often found.

I have always wanted to have a go at creating my own graffiti but as my artistic abilities seem to have faded with age i feel i would be no good. But i do have high hopes for my brother if he were ever willing to give it a try as his work is amazing!

Not bad for paint!

I'm sure he will love me for putting these up!!

Due to me not being able to find the article on the Internet i am unable to attach a picture of the piece in question. However, here is a selection of other Banksy pieces. Enjoy...

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Nathan's work is amazing xx

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