Sunday, 6 June 2010!

Tomorrow is going to be a brilliantly exciting day for me, and i am extremely excited to say that it shall be the day of my first ever paid acting job!!!

Saying that makes me smile a great deal and i feel really positive about what opportunities the day may bring to the near future.

I am going to be filming an advert for online viewing on social networking sites such as Twitter, as well as the companies main business websites. To be honest i do not know very much about it at the moment, all i know is that i am acting on me tod and that i am getting paid for it. Oh and that it is for pesticides.

I will no doubt be blogging again tomorrow to tell you all about my experiences and how much fun it was.

In other acting news:

I have finally signed the contract for the film, Musik, which i recorded last summer. This means that it will soon be shown somewhere. Again i do not know a great deal about the ins and outs of the future for the film as i am simply an actor involved with it and all of that business is for the producers minds only, but i do know that a company in London have shown some interest in it and that Jeremy Bulloch who played Bobba Fett in the Star Wars movies is in it. Sadly i did not get to meet him - not that i would have known who he was as i have never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life. To see the trailer go to and go onto the multimedia section :)

At the end of July i am off to Brighton for a few days to spend some time with my lovely best friend Boodge Lane and i shall be accompanying him on the recording of his solo album The City Limits. I am very excited and feel extremely privileged to be asked to come and help him with this project and i think the final outcome will be bloody marvelous!!

I shall then be traveling straight from Brighton to London to spend three weeks working with National Youth Theatre on their summer season in a show called S'Warm. The show will explore the growing issue of climate change and the theory that the death of the bee will equal the death of the planet. But again, apart from that, i do not know much else about it, except that i shall be lodging at my friends house with a collection of the people who i spent my last summer with when i did my training course with NYT. I cannot wait to see these people again!!!

So far that is all the news where my acting/singing/performing is concerned. I hope that from every one of these projects more will come available to me and i am looking forward to a fun filled summer with some truly amazing friends and some talented people i am yet to meet :)

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