Monday, 7 June 2010

Where did that fringe come from?

In my part excitement for tomorrow and the general fact that i am a university student and therefore any such notion as a 'bedtime' is a foreign language to me, i am still up at 4am, an hour after ending my online chats stating that i need to go to bed.

To prepare for tomorrow i decided to do my hair now, only to find that my straighteners are on their way out and to discover a block of a fringe i have never before seen! It literally seems to have appeared out of the top of my head over the last hour, as the last time i looked in a mirror i do not recall seeing such a mass amount of hair covering my forehead!

Anyway, for some reason i decided that my new fringe was blog worthy and thought i would share with the world my once again speedy hair growth before i finally enter the land of nod.

So night night world, see you tomorrow for feedback on my day of paid acting! hehehe :)

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