Wednesday, 2 June 2010

just get back up

tonight i went back to the bungabow to collect a few things i had forgotten while i am back in worcester for work. i took jake into my bedroom - can i call it that anymore as it technically isn't?! - to show him how different it looks without my things everywhere. as soon as i opened the door to the room i was welcomed by the reminding smell that this is no longer my home. my scent had been completely replaced in the room by the same smell that housed it when i moved in a year ago.

the room looked different, bigger somehow. it had lost its homely feel to it, its comforting welcome upon opening the door, most importantly it no longer seemed to hold the memories it so often reminded me of. i didn't look around the room and see the face that that room reminds me of so often, and as comforting as that was in some respect it was also quite upsetting, but a lot of that i think was due to the natural emotion of moving out of a place that for so long was your home.

i am now looking forward to an amazing summer, to spending time commuting to work, sleeping on peoples floors, visiting friends in wales and brighton and leicester, and to spending three amazing weeks with some wonderful friends in london before finally taking my final steps as a student to living with some truly incredible friends. i know at times, that part especially, will be difficult, or in a polite way 'interesting' but i am trying to look at it with open, eager and hopeful eyes. i do not want to fear the last part of my student journey, i want to enjoy it. even the hard bits.

so roll on summer 2010 and here's to not missing a thing!

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