Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thinking over the last few weeks.

Some boys are definitley number one A-holes! The guy I was seeing was awful, I knew the other girl before I knew him, he told me all the time that she was just his best friend and when she asked him about me he told her I was a stalker and crazy and that the only reason he spoke to me was cause we were playing the lead roles in the Xmas panto at uni. Her and all the friends I had made stopped talking to me and gave me dirty looks and talked about me behind my back because of all the lies he had told them about me. He got away with it for over a month and a half, there were even nights out where he went out with her and came back home with me, including the night he first told her he loved her.

When we finally found out that he had been lying to us both and that he was seeing both of us we went round to his house together and confronted him. He finally told us the truth and said he expected us both to hate him, I told him not to expect me to hate him cause he wasn't worth my hate.

I still had to act along side him in the panto as we were playing Jasmine and Aladdin and I had to sing to him and dance with him for weeks after all the truth came out, it was so painful but now the show is over and I'm away from him I feel like I'm finally beginning to get over all the shit he did to me.

The other girl has gone back to him despite all the lies he told her about me and all the lies he told me about her. I think she'll regret it one day, and I also think he gave her my Xmas present.

Boys definitley think they can say sorry and get away with things, and some girls are stupid enough to let them. Personally I don't ever want to speak to him again, or anyone else who would treat another person like that. I know some girls aren't exactly angels or saints either but I could never do to someone else what he did to me!

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