Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Do you ever feel like you're a robot?
Like you're on auto pilot and you're just walking through life and not noticing or feeling anything. Your best friend could die and you still wouldn't cry because you actually, physically, completely 100% have nothing else to give.
You're drained, emotionless and for the first time in your life you actually know what it feels like to be empty.
That's how i am.

Its a new kind of empty, its not the same as when you were a teenager and you would lock yourself in your room and cut yourself while writing songs about how much the blood flowed this time, that was something everyone goes through, something personal, something you did to yourself. This is something someone else has done to you.

You don't shine anymore, your light is completely blown out and you have no fire left to light it again.

And the stupid thing is, you don't even hate the person who did this to you because you don't have the ability to. You really have lost everything.

Every emotion you were once capable of feeling is lost, gone and not coming back. Not anytime soon.

You don't even feel broken because to be broken you'd have to feel something. And you don't.

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