Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Things I'll never say..

What do you do when you know that everything you want is completely wrong for you?
When you know that it would never work.
When you have had your heart broken by that person a million times already but you still want to give it that second chance, just in case.
What do you do when no matter how much you shut them out eventually they always come back?
When you do everything you can to take your mind off them and move on but they still remain to be the one to keep you awake at night.
When the only smile that really makes your tummy flip and bring a smile to your own face is theirs.
What do you do?

What do you do when you don’t know if they feel the same way back?
When you have a million chances to bite the bullet and tell them but you can’t build up the courage, just in case they turn you down.
When all you want is them but you’re too afraid to try it because you rather have them as a friend with them never knowing than not have them at all.
What do you do when the person you tell everything to is the person you can tell nothing to?
When you want so badly to open up but you know it will change things.
When the only way to see if it could happen is to risk everything.
What do you do?

Do sit and wait?
See if things happen by themselves.
See if feeling change, people change.
Do you tell them and risk it all?
See if things can stay the same anyway.
See if maybe by some stroke of luck they’ve been thinking the same as you all along.
Do you miss what may be your only chance?
See if one day in the future you’ll get over the fact you were too cowardly to speak up when you had chance.
See if in the end there never was a chance and you just saved yourself from a whole lot of heartache.

What would you do?

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Haggis said...

And if one day you can't reign it in,
and of your last breath you are the only witness,
Then so be it, cause it's your last breath,
and it's nobody else's business.

Amy I'm not telling you to top yourself I'm saying that YOU make YOUR decisions :) x

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