Saturday, 30 January 2010

My weakness is I care too much..

Hmm. So today I've been hearing a lot of lyrics that fit a lot of thoughts which are currently floating around my head and I have come to the - quite obvious - conclusion that I have far too many to fit inside this tiny little brain of mine, so much so that I started this post with something in mind to talk about but now it all seems to have mushed together into an untalkable nothingness.

Therefore I am not really sure of the point of this post except to express my anger and annoyance at my own silly little mind which seems to just love complicating everything to do with everything because apparently it is a lot more interesting than being on my own, which is what I think I am most affraid of more than anything, even though once I finally get something to stop me being alone I either majorly screw it up or I push it away because I can't cope with love and romance and affection and all that crap, which then again leads to me making bad decisions and going for the people who I know from the very beginning will hurt me and never really care for me in any major way.

So yes. There it is. One majorly screwed up mind with too many thoughts to handle.

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