Friday, 29 May 2009

Can't hurt can it?!

Just got home at last from the most tiresome day I've had in a long time!

I started back at work today, the first day there in over a year. A LOT of new faces, but apart from that nothing seems to have changed. It was just like putting on an old pair of shoes - they've already been worn in, they're comfy and they'll never really change.

Then it was off to the park with a friend I haven't seen for around 4 years. Time to enjoy the sun, throw grass at each other and play connect four on a touch phone! Bliss :)

After a meal with family and close friends its off to the girlie's house for some good catch up time and a glass of coke in front of the TV before coming home to finally see these flowers I had delivered yesterday.

...What can I say?

They're beautiful. And no matter how much my girlfriends tell me its a bit OTT and stalkerish I can't help but listen to my guy mates who all think its mega sweet and a totally unexpected thing for a boy to do. Things like this only happens in the movies?!

Then there is the smile that won't go away every time the bright big bunch of flowers catch my eye. They didn't come cheap!

This is the first time anyone has ever brought me flowers like this. And the note is quite sweet. So one date couldn't hurt right? It may be time to reply now. I think I've made him wait long enough :)

"How about Wednesday?" ... "I think Wednesday would be lovely."

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