Thursday, 28 May 2009

A little unusual...

Isn't it amazing how quickly your mood can change. This morning I was depressed about going home and leaving my uni friends behind for three months, and now I'm experiencing a strange mixture of confusion, freaked-out-ness and kinda, smilely-ness!

About two hours ago I recieved a phone call which quite literally changed my whole mood for the rest of the day and right now I'm still working my way through the stages of this shock!

The call was from a local florist at home to say that they had delivered some flowers for me at my work but I wasn't there... I don't have a job. They must have the wrong person. But no. I do have a job. My first shift is tomorrow and already I probably have the name as the girl who recieved flowers on the wrong day! How embarrasing!! haha

The flowers were from a guy, asking me on a date. Great. Something that only happens in films right?

After going through the initial shock and the 'omg i have a stalker' thoughts I have now accepted that in fact this may have actually been a very sweet gesture from a boy who does just want to take me out on a date.

What I can't wrap my head around is WHY?!

And I think thats the thought that bugs me the most. I don't understand how I could possibly be that much of an interest to ANYONE for them to ask me on three dates and then send me flowers at work just to ask me on a date AGAIN because the other three days hes suggested I'm already busy.

So is it sweet or stalkerish?

For now I haven't made up my mind but I am leaning more towards the sweet side at the moment. Time will tell I guess...

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