Monday, 25 April 2011

Miss independent said, oh she fell in love

I'm a little left off centre
I'm a little out of tune
Sometimes, being the girl that i am, i get a little irrational.
Sometimes, that time of the month gets to take over. If only for a second.
Sometimes, i get that feeling, and i worry without cause.
Sometimes, i need to force myself to switch my brain off.
Sometimes, it won't.

This is like nothing that has ever gone before, i don't feel upset, i don't feel paranoid, i don't feel as though the expected unexpectable is about to happen. I'm not second guessing and i'm not losing faith. I am simply falling. Falling, so incredibly fast into this amazing thing that i have wanted to be a part of for such a long time. Falling, into something that i never want to end. I am falling so fast that all i am wishing on is the future. That is the problem.

I'm so absorbed in this incredible feeling that i am forgetting to take time. I'm thinking so far ahead, about next week, next month, next year, even beyond that, that i am forgetting to experience the now.

Sometimes, i feel that i am so excited by the prospect of the future, that i miss the present.
Sometimes, i feel that i am currently so happy, that i am blind to the negatives.
Sometimes, i feel that i want so badly to be a part of this, that i am losing my independence.
Sometimes, i fear that i am so involved in being half of a pair that i forget how to live on my own.
Sometimes, i have to fight with everything that is in me to simply 'not care' just as much as i do.

My weakness is that i care too much <3

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