Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a collection of self doubt

The day grates away at me
passion falls to my feet
floating on by, trying not to drown
today is the beginning of hard times

I look in the mirror and all that’s reflected is failure
and I don’t stop to cry, I bottle it up and carry on

Sleep is calling me like a landslide
that I only wish I could crawl under
but to give in would be murder
so instead I lay awake and dream

With eyes open empty
and hearts full of hope
and wishing the passion still clung to myself
I look to the picture of you and i

Hope is restored
hope for the future
when this place is done and over

I wish away the time
for my life to start again
forget the past three years
of wasted money and effort
all in the name of a certificate to state for the record
how successfully I failed to amount to anything at all

I return home a nobody
with nothing to be proud of
except for the picture of you and i

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