Thursday, 30 December 2010

time for a good bit of change

it may be a few days early but i've been thinking about my new years resolutions the last few days so i thought i should write them all down.
for anyone who reads my blog you will probably have come to notice that i am full of good intentions such as learning sign language, or swimming at least once a week but that i never blog about them again, technically meaning that apart from my initial blog it never went any further.
for this reason my new years resolutions are going to be one's i can actually see me doing.
so here goes...

1) Be organised with work. Timetable my time accordingly and spend a good deal of time on my dissertation.
2) Finish the last two Harry Potter books. (I still don't know what happens so shush!)
3) Find some sparkly converse for Sam's wedding.
4) Lose some weight and tone up in time for the wedding, remember I am going to be standing next to Adele wearing the same dress.. People will judge!
5) Get my sleep pattern back. Going to bed at 5am and waking up at 3pm is not good for anyone, even if I am a student.

i think for now at least that this is a far as my resolutions go. i shall try and keep them updated :)

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