Sunday, 19 December 2010

flowers may fall

there is a boy, as there always is. he is a boy who i have liked for a long time, for far too long than i care to remember. he is a boy who has been there with me through the hard times, and who has been with me through the good times. we have shared the laughs and we have shared the tears.
but nothing is ever that easy.

sometimes i wonder what i am doing here. but then it is times like these that make me remember that even if i don't come out of this in the way i would prefer, that i have gained so so much more than anything i had ever imagined.

these are the days that will shape me. that will set the course for the way i am intended to spend the rest of my days. and one day soon, i still believe that my life will fall nicely into place.
even if it is not the way i had imagined.

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