Thursday, 25 November 2010

'Til the world stops turning

I will love you ‘til the world stops turning
Till the moon breaks open and the sun stops shinning
I will love you ‘til the last of days
But these are three heartfelt words I will never say

Your face will mark the lines of perfection
Your lips will tease me with their sweet temptation
Your voice will travel to my very core
But you shall never see how far you make me fall

Until the last of days
Until the day I find the words
Until the world tips on its head
And our dreams are put to bed

I will love you ‘til the world stops turning


Andy said...

You should blog more!! x

Mustard Bean said...

I never have time any more. I generally never have anything to say either. I did start one the other week. I might finish now.. Just for you :)

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