Wednesday, 1 September 2010


An update on my 100 Things to do list...

Things I want to achieve in my life before I die, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem to someone else, they mean something to me. Lets see how this goes...

1. Surprise myself of my abilities
May 2008. Women of Troy. Stourbridge College final performance.
2. Swim in the sea
3. Perform on Broadway and/or The West End
4. Go to see a show in London
August 2008. Avenue Q, Woman in Black & Sister Act.
5. Get to the top of Snowdon, Wales
6. Go back to Egypt
7. Volunteer in a 3rd world country/world disaster
8. Have a positive impact on someones life
I mark this one a different colour because although it is something I know I have already achieved it is still something I want to carry on achieving.
9. Start swimming regularly
10. Move out of home
June/Sept 2009. I moved to Worcester where I go to uni.
11. Learn to drive
12. Go ice skating
13. Learn about the world, history, current affairs etc.
14. Record an album
Aug 2010. Tom RDD - The City Limits.
15. Write and record/sell my own song
16. Record and air my radio play
17. Perform in a full mask performance
Sept 2009. Vamos Theatre. 'Bed Baths & Bandages'
18. Open up my own (affordable) drama school
19. Learn guitar
20. Learn piano
21. Be part of a band and play a gig
22. Be in a film
2009. Expressive Arts Productions. 'Musik'. Shannon Knox.
23. Spend a night in a cell
24. Send a message in a bottle
25. Get a lift in a police car
April 2006. BP petrol station, Stourbridge - Stourbridge bus station. Avoiding chavs who had just beaten up my friends.
26. Hit someone over the head with a 'bottle' - movie style
27. Jump through a glass window - movie style
28. Write a book
29. Give modeling a shot
30. Get dreadlocks
31. Travel
32. Point randomly at a map and go to that place
33. Get my lip pierced
May 2010. Emily's Dangly Bits, Stourbridge.
34. Get my septum pierced
35. Learn another language
36. Sing on the tube and get people to join in
Aug 2009. National Youth Theatre Course 21. Returning from seeing Woman in Black.
37. Busk in the tube station
38. Give blood
39. Dye my hair GINGER
40. Spend a night in a hotel
41. Eat chicken
July 2010. Started eating chicken for the first time in 14 years.
42. Eat meat. Steak style!
43. Go scuba diving
44. Have a fake hen party
47. Get a degree
50. Give a stranger my number on a piece of paper
2008. On the train home. He never called.
52. Read the dictionary
53. Shave my head
54. Go to Scotland
55. Kiss in the pouring rain
56. Touch a mans nipple
2009. Merry Hill car park. AJ.
58. Run a marathon
60. Drive to the seaside, sleep in the car, come home
62. Learn to skateboard
63. Learn to rollerblade
66. Get over my fear and dislike for this number
67. Go to Ireland
69. Knit a jumper
71. Go rock climbing
73. Learn, or at least attempt, to surf
74. Go paint balling - 10 Things I Hate About You style
77. Go to the Monday Mystery Movie at Odeon
80. Have children
81. Have my own pet
83. Create my own cocktail
85. Stand behind a waterfall
86. Sing at an important/special event
87. Dress up as a mermaid
2010. My 21st and a half birthday.
91. Own my own house
95. Go busking
May 2010. Worcester Town Centre. Me & Tom.
Aug 2010. Burgess Hill Town Centre. Me, Tom & Steve.
Die on stage
100. Be buried at sea


Erisgirl said...

Mustard Bean! I am so sorry, i did not realise you commented on my blog, like, ages ago! Well anyway thanks so much for the kind words. I'm really glad you enjoy reading it! I will keep going! I haven't read your blog before but will certainly start.

eris x

Mustard Bean said...

That's fine :) Nice to hear from you at last. A lot of my friends follow your blog, it's quite sad but me and my best friend can talk about your posts for hours. You crack us up with your wit and clever choice of words! I think you'll find my blog is a lot different to yours, but hopefully you'll find some of it interesting :)

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