Sunday, 1 August 2010

It's that time again

I am currently sipping tea in the room of one of my bestest friends after a week of invading his house, eating his food and drinking his drink. It has been an amazing week.

And while I sip this tea that his Dad has so kindly made me in an actual teapot I wait the departure time of my train. The train which will move me on from my week in Burgess Hill and onto my three weeks in Battersea Park, sleeping on the floor with ten of the most wonderful, kind and talented people I have ever know, most of whom I have not seen for a year.

I met these amazing people a year ago while I spent two weeks in Greenwich working at Laban Dance Studios with National Youth Theatre. They made my summer last year and I am sure they will, once again, make this one.

We are going to be spending three very busy busy weeks devising, rehearsing and performing as part of NYTs summer season, in what is going to be their most ambitious production to date. It is called S'Warm and looks into Einstein's theory of the death of the Bea equalling the death of the planet and will involve 500 NYT members.

As far as I am aware my small group of friends from Summer Course 2009 - Course 21, will mostly be there, sleeping on the floor of probably the most generous person I know.

This summer has already been amazing, recording in the studio with my best friend on his solo album, and now I get to do this too. I cannot wait for this summer to commence!

[21] <3

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